Regina R. Patterson

Getting to know me is interesting…at least.

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We help small and mid-sized businesses and nonprofits make boss moves through smart marketing decisions.




Talking is the thing I did early. Writing came later. Today, I’m fortunate that people actually enlist me to say what’s on my mind. 



Combine a heart for the underdog with a gift for marketing and communications, you get a dangerous combo. I’m glad to be dangerous

Unapologetically, All of the Above.

This box. This…is a metaphor for life if you allow others to dictate it. Where you work. The type of house you live in. Your flavor of ice cream. I got tired of the box, so I jumped out. Bye, basic folks. Time to make moves.

Who’s down?

Heading Level 4

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Heading Level 4

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Heading Level 4

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202 Grid Blvd.

Agloe, NY, 12776


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