Let’s face it; 30 is the new 20, gray is the new black, and everyone’s doing it…right? Virtually everyone’s online, right?

Well, simply because organizations (or people in this case) are doing it doesn’t mean that they are getting the most out of their site, blog, or other online medium. Just like sex, simply because you’ve experienced it doesn’t mean you’ve optimized your experience.

To be blunt, there are differente classes of people in the online world:

  • Those who do it well
  • Those who think they do it well
  • Those who perpetrate
  • Those who are horrible
  • Those who have no clue

No…I’m not talking about sex anymore. However, the reality is, you can learn a lot from sex and apply it to your online content strategy. Your online content strategy is just as much about the consumer of the content (a.k.a. the user) as it is about your organization’s goals. It’s about learning what the user needs, providing them with that, getting them to come back for more, and meeting your organization’s need.

When this happens, you’ll know you’ve achieved web content maturity. This blog will help you do just that.


Regina R. Patterson, M.B.A.

Marketing & Web Content Consultant






4 thoughts on “What Web Content & Sex Have in Common

  1. I’m intriqued and itching for more! I look forward to reading more. Also, as a suggestion once you get this thing really going, you should consider making podcasts. But maybe that’ll come once you start getting more content up. Let me know if I can help (not with content of course, but with any technical stuff).

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