When You Find a Good Man

You shouldn’t let him go.

Ladies, don’t complain about the notion that there’s no good men out there.

Problem #1: You want a saved thug. Once a thug. Always a thug. Mentally, that is. Thugs have some twisted ways of thinking

Problem #2: He’s too soft. Well, I to begin, I don’t have a soft man, but I do have a man who isn’t afraid to show his emotions, and because of that I love the heck out of him. Stop looking for someone who will fight for you..show you a little of their tough side. Instead, accept the person who simply loves because of the fact that the love you.

Problem #3: He doesn’t make enough money. Get over it. Love doesn’t come in the form of dollar bills. That is a super shallow way of thinking. Waiting for Mr. High Roller will make you pass up your number one lover. The one who would be your number one fan, not only caressing your ego, but also caressing your heart, and your dreams…encouraging your strengths and helping you grow where you are weak.

Problem #4: He’s not fine. You probably aren’t every day either. Get over it. I get the fact that physical attraction is important to many, but the truth is beauty fades. Now, I won’t lie…I have a desire for some type of physical attraction (and yes my man is fine), but if I woulda let some physical set back stop me from getting to know the man who is now the love of my life, I woulda missed out on the best thing that EVER happened to me (outside of my family and being saved.)

Problem #5: Stop comparing him to someone else or your relationship to another. Every relationship is unique. Just like the DNA of life is unique, so is your relationship with your man. Find out what really works for you and not what you think should work for you. This comes with an openness of the heart

Problem #6: Stop letting the riff raff in. Use pre-dating as tryouts. Then decide whether or not he makes the team. If he comes at you wrong, don’t give him the time of the day. That’s trash. Unless you believe you’re a trash receptacle, leave the trash where it belongs, by the curve. You have got to be smarter than that. Yes…if you let riff faff in, then you’re right – you are having a hard time finding a good man.

Problem #7: You didn’t seek God. That probably shoulda been problem #1, but honestly, we as Christians do seek God, but then we are either misguided or just decide to do what we want. Put that together and voila, recipe for disaster. Been there way too many times.

Problem #8: You’re rolling your eyes at this. You don’t have to take the advice, and it may not all be for you. But stop and think, are there really no good men, or are my expectations unrealistic? Am I looking for a trophy or love? If you can answer that question, then you may get to the bottom of your thought that there are no good men out there. Remember, love is patient, kind and not self-seeking. Can you put him before you? Question to ponder.

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