It’s not all bad (A must read)

So yeah. I know that a few of my posts have alluded to the fact that I may be unhappy. Let’s clarify…there are times of certain days when I’m not as happy as others or that I just may be freaking out. But in reality, I just have a lot on my mind. I mean a lot. Some good. Some bad. Some funny. And probably even some random stuff. So I just like to write about that stuff.

I mean, who doesn’t think stuff like: Why did they not look back to see if the toilet completely flushed. LADIES…THIS IS NOT OKAY. I REPEAT…NOT OKAY.

And why do people have the tendency to share personal information to random people? Ummmm…ma’am, I hear your conversation too. Frankly, because of how facetious and screwed up my sense of humor is, it’s HILARIOUS. I mean, is there something that when you pass 40 or 50 you just decide to share some random stuff. Mind you, I just heard the word that someone has gout. And then they’re really having a conversation about. Is this what life really gets to?

And how miserable do you have to be to say, if I died…so what. Well heck, I get it, but I still have some things I want to do in my life. Church people are hilarious. Knowing that if God told them they were about to die, they would freak. No Jesus, No. (LOL)

Yeah…I know I’m crazy, but you don’t need TV for reality TV. Just hang around like a fly on the wall, and you will find good comedy…well, that’s if you have a sense of humor like me. If you take things too seriously, well…that’s just too bad for you.

Oh man…one of my little kiddies just said…do you know how to play chess or checkers. So off I go peeps. Let’s hope I don’t get beat by him. He’s only like 10.

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