The Power of Transparency

Many times when we go through things, we retreat to our corners and tell those closest to us what we’re going through at best. To everyone else, our lives may seem to either be status quo or just GREAT. But the reality is, everyone’s life isn’t just great, and everyone isn’t always happy. Everyone goes through something. If I were to steal a line from a standup skit by Martin Lawrence, he states, “No one is exempt from the trials and tribulations of life.”

This could be any more correct. The Bible states, in this life we’ll all have tribulations. However, by retreating to our corners an not letting others know what you’re going through, you’ll not only feel like you’re going through it alone, you’ll also do another person the disservice of allowing them to think that when they go through a similar issue, that they’re going through it on their own.

I know. I often say, I wish someone could relate. And in reality, there’s an abundance of people who can relate. Whether it’s a career issue, a mental health issue, a family issue, or a relationship issue, someone can relate…and out of the people who can relate, there will be at least one who can give sound advice, offer words of solace, or simply be a shoulder to cry on.

From this point on, don’t go on in life hiding your trials, while only boasting about your highlights. Be a real person. Someone who has highs and lows. – Don’t be a Debbie Downer, of course- Just be someone who is real. Believe me, you will not only do yourself a service, you will also help someone out in the meantime.

No go ahead and be a blessing to someone by simply being real with yourself and others.

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