Top 11 Reasons I Love My Man

#1) He’s not afraid to be different.

#2) He consistently tells me how beautiful I am.

#3) Dude is crazy in the most positive way ever. He keeps me laughing.

#4) He won’t let me give up when things get hard or when I get discouraged. Instead he gives me encouraging words and attempts to help me understand modes of attack.

#5) He loves God…and he doesn’t do it it please anyone else. It’s not for show…and even when it’s not popular, he stands on what he believes.

#6) He’s a great friend – not to just me, but also to others.

#7) He comforts me. In the rough times, he’s there not only encouraging and caressing with care, he’s caring and praying for me.

#8) He challenges my way of thinking on so many different levels.

#9) He listens and takes my needs and desires into consideration. This doesn’t mean that we don’t get into disagreements, it just means we also come to resolutions.

#10) He stresses the importance of communication. This is a hard one for me because I carefully consider what I say and when I say it. But it’s not just about me and when there are 2 people, you have to communicate, and communicate effectively.

#11) He’s taught me what it means to love unconditionally. No matter what we go through, no matter how difficult it is, we find a way to get through it. We appreciate the value of the give and take, and the being strong when the other is weak.

He is my trophy, and not because of what he has, but because of who he is.

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  1. sounds like a keeper! you must be something special that he would think of you to do those things

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