Secrets of a Web Marketer: The stuff we think, but don’t always say

  1. Pinterest is the hot new thing, and we’re already effing it up, putting our little greasy paws in it. And we’re not going to stop until the next fad comes along.
  2. Competition is only a click away. That’s why we try to make sure you don’t EVER leave our site.
  3. We have a very short window to capture your attention and get you to take action. If we can get you to do this…shazaam, we’ve done our job.
  4. People are still scared to make transactions online…so umm yeah, the site better be secure.
  5. Design does make a difference…so get it right…or pay someone to get it right for you.
  6. In real estate it’s “location, location, location.” In content marketing it’s “ease of use, ease of use, ease of use.”
  7. Communicate quickly and clearly. No one is going to read through all the mess.
  8. There is an information hierarchy, but I’d have to kill you if I told you (j/k…that’s just kidding for you who still haven’t mastered those darn acronyms).
  9. We can smell a template, blog, and self-developed website from far away…so if you do it yourself, make sure you implement best practices. Otherwise…busted!
  10. I’m only on Facebook because you are.
  11. Twitter…how can I get them to my site in 140 characters or less?
  12. Social media isn’t the end all be all, but it’s free and EVERYONE is pining for it.
  13. A deep link is the best link. Don’t link a user to a destination and make them search for the information. That’s kinda rude.
  14. People die to hear these words: widget, flash, iWhatever, app, user-experience, user interface, HTML, code, CSS, SEO, SEM, social media, facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Pinterest, blog, Instagram, interactive, engaging, conversion…and the list goes on. Load your conversation with these words, and you’re instantly the smartest thing since the person who invented slice bread.


  1. Loved it..Nice blog..You have made it short and sweet. Guess visual hierarchy also plays some role in getting websites ranked.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. I have tons of stuff to say. I’ll call it my 2, well 35, cents. 🙂

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