I’m in a World

I’m in a world
Where appearance
Get’s the best of us

Where Coach and Louis and Gucci
Makes you better
than the rest of us

Where people judge
By what they see
With hardly any consideration
of the inner workings

Im in a wold
Where boys and girls play dress up
Putting on fancy clothes and painting on smiles
With colorful make up

Leaving self to the wind
Because facing self
Is like like facing a major mess up

Lonely on the outside
Don’t know who to call their friends
Friend one made a reference to friend two
And now neither one of them
Wants you in their crew

Im in a world
Where character is feeble
Where trust is instable
And reality is almost as real as a fable

So please get this

If I choose to retreat
It’s not ’cause I don’t want to socialize
It’s because I’m simply tired
Of buying into the lies

For 31 years
I’ve seemed to question my life
But honestly honey
Truly, it’s not worth the strife

I rock my jeans
And sometimes I may be ashy
And I’m perfectly whole
Whether my hair is straight, curly, or nappy
When I strive for your perfection
I’m looking for something unreal
If you walked in my shoes
You’d know I’m just not ready to pay that bill

My uniqueness comes from my abiity
To switch it up

I go from quirky to professional
From silly to serious
Even my language switches so quick
That my bilingual standards
Takes me from proper girl
To my roots – that hood chick

I confess…

Im in a world
Where sometimes I too get caught up
But loving and appreciating myself first…
That’s the standard
That’s just how I was brought up

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