On Natural Hair: The Inside Scoop

Just another natural day...but with make up. I like!

So, I have a little bit of time before my class, so I decided to do what so many females with natural hair do, post about my natural hair journey and regime. So here it is in my own voice:

How long have I been natural? About 5 years.

What did I choose to go natural? My original intent wasn’t to be “natural.” I was simply tired of my hair breaking and decided that I wasn’t going to get a perm anymore. Instead of being, yay…all things natural, my plan was to just get my hair pressed/straightened. My grandma is the bomb straightener, she was straightening many of my cousins locs, and their hait was very healthy. I wanted that.

So, why did I choose to join the natural movement? For me, it’s really all about natural hair and the love of my natural hair texture. It all started with experimenting. I saw what the heat treated version of my natural hair looked like, and I decided to play with it. (Mind you…that wasn’t my real curl pattern). I still get my hair pressed, but not as often.

What tips do you have for African Americans with curly hair?

  • Read the multicultural section of the book, Curly Girls…and watch the DVD that comes with. You may have to modify the tips for your liking. I did.
  • Talk to other naturalistas. They have the scoop.
  • I don’t clip my ends anymore. A friend said that Eddie Simpson, Sweet Nature by Eddie, provided this tip.
  • Make water your friend. (Read this in a blog once.) Unlike when we have perms and try to keep our hair away from water,
  • Stick with it. It is difficult as heck as you get used to your new locs, but it’s worth it. (I mean a self-esteem kicker for some. Hand raised) But the outcome is low maintenance, and like I said, I love my curls.
  • Switch it up. If you start getting tired of it, get braids or a sew-in. Also, switch up your styles. You don’t have to be limited to just one style.

Okay…got class. So gotta go. Until next time. (Be on the lookout for the hair regime.)


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