Hey Y’all – So Melodramatic

So my last post was a bit… well, maybe somber. I was down in the dumps feeling like a poopy head. Told y’all it was probably because I was PMSing. I think that had something to do with it. Not to mention leaving a bunch of chillins (children) that were working my LAST nerve. I mean they were stomping on it. Wanted to take out a belt and do a drive-by whooping, execution style. Unfortuntately, the law no longer allows such a thing. That’s the problem with these kids today. (I am getting so old, ha!)

Anyway, so my last post was pretty intense. Well maybe just for me, but it was also very helpful. Helped me just put some stuff right out there. Take out the veil and say, “Hey. This is me.” And then let others take it or leave it. Scary place.

So lemme do a little follow up…

The business… I am NO LONGER doing websites. I may outsource to a 3rd party, but that crap is for the birds. No more design work. No more technical work. Well, except for mine because I’m too dang cheap to pay someone else to do it. And I don’t charge my small businesses an arm and a leg – so, umm yeah.

The man… not much to say. Lots of thinking. Not lots of action. I need a word Lord. I need a word.

The job… I had a pretty good week at work. Been the point person on an event, and planning events is my thing. Been doing it since high school. Event planning has a special place in my heart. Plus, I was able to interact a bit more with people and get to see some personality. I’m down with that.

Argh…what else? Lots going on. Had someone come and clean my house. *The Lord is good.* Errrrrrrrr… yeah. Outside of a couple of low-key workouts, chilling with the fam, hating Facebook and YouTube videos galore, that’s about it.

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  1. Glad you’re feeling better, dearie.

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