New Guilty Pleasure

A couple of years back, I was asked what was my guilty pleasure. I confessed, “iCarly.” Yes…I was in my late 20s and watched iCarly like some watch Grey’s Anatomy. I mean, y’all, I was at the gym and didn’t have headphones in (meaning I couldn’t hear the TV) and was still cracking up.

I would like to say that today, I am mainly iCarly free. I may have a few relapses, but I guess it just doesn’t do it for me anymore. They are still a pretty funny crew though.

Anyway, I have a new guilty pleasure. YouTube videos. My entry “drug” was natural hair tutorials, and now this thing has spun out of control. I watch YouTube like it’s freaking Comcast or something. Really y’all I need help. I even subscribed to a channel today. What the Fudge. “Someone please call 911” in my Mary J. voice.

So what’s pretty awesome about YouTube? DIY and just getting a glimpse into other’s personalities. I love observing people. It’s part of what I do, and I’m kinda obsessed with hair and makeup. So I’m loving all the makeup tutorials and tips on how to keep hair healthy. I made a homemade face mask last week, and even though some got in my face, it wasn’t so horrible. (Check out diamondandheels on YouTube to find that facial – honey, milk, and EVOO) #WINNING

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