My Name is Regina…

and I really have a thing for shopping. (Last name omitted to protect the guilty).

So, I would like to tell you what I purchased in the last few weeks. (Yes…not even month)

  1. New thing of MAC mineralized powder. Deep dark. This is my go to. I don’t do liquid or cakey foundation. I found this is the perfect choice for me. It provides great coverage, but it’s very light. I’ve been using it for years. I used to use their other pressed powder, like NC45 or something, but that stuff got all over my shirts. The mineralized powder was a good addition to the MAC line, and was a great swap for me.
  2. Cute ribbons and craft stuff. So I was at Schuler (a local bookstore) and saw a pretty awesome “game.” Well, it was really a glass box of conversation starters. And when I turned over the box, I was like “$25!” I decided I could make it myself.
    • So I took my pretty little self to the dollar store and bought some glass boxes from the craft aisle. Great purchase. – When youadd that to all the stuff I had at home – shout out to my girl Jax for the freebies, plus my own stash – I had pretty much all I needed. Card stock paper, paper cutter, pens, makers, stamps and ink pads, a creative mind, and the In-ter-net, and voila – I have the ingredients for a pretty awesome box of conversation starters. Plus, I picked up some pretty ribbon and a glue gun from Field Fabrics, which will serve as a nics finishing touch around the glass box.
  3. Black blazer and London T-shirt from JC Penney. Not sure if I’m going to wear them together. Already wore the London T-shirt though. Black, white and gray hues. Nice job, Gina. Nice job. (I tried to find a link online. Sorry. No success.)
  4. Work bag from Khols. Originally $109, but 50% off. Score! Burgundy. (Just looked, and it’s no longer 50% off. Sorry.
  5. Flats from Payless. Gray pair with a pretty bow and black pair with patent leather toes. Learned the hard way not to wear the gray pair in rain – didn’t damage the shoes, but my poor little feet got wet.
  6. New lip gloss to replace one of my faves.
  7. New shampoo. I don’t use shampoo very often, but I was putting a ton of crap on my hair and felt like it needed a cleansing. Too bad I still haven’t used the shampoo. Just used the flat
  8. Flat iron. This was less of a purchase and more of an exchange. My favorite flat iron no longer goes to the highest temp, so I needed to replace. I tried to replace with one. #FAIL and it was not cheap. So I just replaced with one that was a but cheaper but supposedly comparable with the CHI brand. We’ll see how this works. I’m no longer feeling the curly hair, so I’m on a new/returned journey – straightening. Today I only did  blowout though and pinned it on one side. It’s different but definitely compliments my face.

Okay, so I’ve rambled on and it’s almost 2am… so guess I’ll get off this thing. (Thanks to the power of scheduling posts, this won’t be live for 3 days.


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