I’ve lost weight!!!!!!!!

So, if you read my post, yesterday, I posted 2 words, 3 syllables. Today, I got on the scale for the second time since I began my journey, and guess what. I’ve lost a ton of weight. The last time I thought it was a fluke since I had weighed myself on 2 different scales. But today,  I got on the scale again, and I’m pleased to announce since the beginning of my journey, I’ve lost about 10 pounds. I am sooooooooo happy about this. I know people say that it’s not healthy to lose a lot of weight so quickly. However, I will say that I have loaded up on fruits as snacks and have even had animal crackers and pudding. Pudding like almost every night. It was my little treat for simply making it through the day. I even had a Burger King cheeseburger and value frie (14 points) on Saturday. So…. I guess the whole weight watchers thing does work. I won’t lie, I was super bitter yesterday – like ready to cry. And when you lose your keys and know you have something you can eat awaiting you at home – well I was ready to blow up. Anyway, I’m now on week 2 and guess I have a bit more hope in the program. Plus I had turkey sausage, a piece of toast, a cup of milk and fruits for “breakfast” since I didn’t get out of bed until after noon – thanks to my day off today. And I was full after I ate. I’m hungy again, but for a snacker like me, the good thing is that 25 pretzel sticks is only 1 point and 10 animal crackers is only 1point. Plus I look forward to my dinner which I think will include some sort of chicken breast or wing dings. (Last week, I even had a chicken thigh. Yesterday, I roast and a super tiny helping of chicken and dressing (and I mean super tiny). but the reality is, I’m doing this thing. Just thought I would give you an update since I was so bitter before.


  1. Oh, and yes. My stomach seeming flatter to me is not an illusion.

  2. I did the same thing when I was dieting with cookies. I would have a reasonable serving of cookies every night. That way, I didn’t feel like I was missing out, and if I was tempted during the day id’ just say.. “Hey, I’ll just wait and have my cookies.” Good job! I’m happy you’re happy.

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