20 Thoughts I Have While At Church

I’ve been going to church my ENTIRE life, and believe me, I think church is one of the places where you have the funniest and most irrelevant thoughts. Don’t get it wrong. I love God, but my attention span can be really low. I still listen, def get into praise and worship… anyway, here’s the list.

  1. Dang. They about to get a whooping. As I watch the parent kindly, yet briskly escort their child out of the sanctuary to the bathroom. “Train up a child.”
  2. What?! She got a new man. Literally, as I’m singing, I watch people walk in…and yep, they’re late. The thought… She got a man. Aww shoot.
  3. He is like 16 years old. Did you just snatch him across the pew? He is embarrassed as ever. I don’t know if it’s funny or if I should feel sorry for the poor child. At first I felt bad, but thinking back, it’s kinda funny.
  4. Did he just fall over the altar (while they were shouting). No other comment needed.
  5. I’ll just mouth that part. *while singing*
  6. “To find” (from Barber Shop). Looking for a note, are we?
  7. Bryan’s coming. I’m going to sing just a little softer. Esp. on this part. He is not about to put me on blast.
  8. Did the really just say that? Did you see that. Commence the texting.
  9. So not listening right now. Facebook/Twitter.
  10. Dang he is fine! *Friends nudge. Laugh like teens.*
  11. Good point. Got it. Back to Facebook/Twitter.
  12. If these kids don’t stop moving. I wonder if I can get parents to sign a whooping waiver. *during youth Sunday*
  13. Her hair is cute.
  14. Her shoes are cute.
  15. Her purse is cute.
  16. Her outfit is cute.
  17. That belt is cute.
  18. No. I will not be attending Sunday School.
  19. So trying not to sweat out my press.
  20. NUG 795. Your lights are on.
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