Thumbs up Apple Inventions

  • iPhone: Music, Camera, Talking, Texting, Tweeting, Facebooking, Gaming, Babysitting, Recording, work email, personal email, and more – all in one device. (Who remembers carrying a phone, camera, handheld games.)
  • iPad: So what it’s a big iPod touch or a big iPhone without the phone capabilities. You try reading something on the little screens. Then pull out your ipad. I’ll take iPad for $100 Alex.
  • iCloud: So what the last 3 things are Apple products/services. It works. I can download something on my
  • Find my iPhone: Who remembers the days when you had to have someone call you or even text from your computer to find your phone? Okay…so we may not get rid of this totally, but when I lose my iPhone (generally in my house), I go to my iPad, click on my iPhone, follow the prompts, and a sound is played (even if my phone is on vibrate), and voila, phone located.
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