What to do with Christmas gifts that fall flat

Christmas Ribbon 2Number one, this is no dis to the people who tried… or maybe it is. But face it. During the Christmas season, we get gifts that, well, fall a little flat. And frankly some people don’t try.


You know the ugly sweater. The pants that are too big. Something that just isn’t your style. Or even that something that someone regifted because they didn’t want it either. < By the way, if you didn’t want it why in all hades did you give it to me. It’s the thought that counts. I guess we’re just counting in the negative integers.

So what do you do with those gifts?

  1. Say “thank you.” You may hate it like the 2 guys from In Living Color – Hated It. Saying thank you is only polite and is sure to help us not confirm the inner brat that others may or may not suspect.
  2. Smile. Even if you say thank you, people can tell when you’re just really not into it. Start today. Practice that “this is a piece of crap but I’m gonna smile anyway” face. No one wants to be in the presence of an ungrateful recipient. What if you were on the other side?
  3. Take it back. If you received a return receipt and don’t feel too guilty, take it back. This is better than it adding clutter.
  4. Give it to someone else. But make sure that person isn’t in the same circle as you and the giftee. You don’t havGirl with amaryllise to keep it. I’m not sure if you want to regift it., per se, but if you know someone who would appreciate it, give it to them. < I like this option better than taking it back because I feel less guilty.
  5. Rethink it. Remember that body splash that you accepted with a raised brow? Have you ever thought this could be the perfect room fragrance. Just spray a couple of sprtizes into the air for a quick room pick me up.
  6. If all else fails, Trash/Recycle it. This is gonna sound kinda rude. But really. How much cheap body wash, lotion, or body splash have you gotten as a gift. You don’t use it. It just becomes clutter. If you’re not going to give it to someone who will make use of it, pour the contents down the drain and recycle the containers. (Yes. I try to be earth friendly and if your city or apartment complex offers an easy recycling program, this would be a perfect options.)

Getting a gift that falls flat can be disappointing. That’s because we’re selfish little brats. (Thanks mom and dad for making me have ridiculously spoiled expectations). But that’s not what the season is about. The season is about celebrating the birth of our Savior. We should always keep our personal interests second to the real reason for the season. If we do this, maybe we will be more humble and appreciative. However, I do think that if Jesus got a gift that someone gave just for the heck of it, he may also say, “What is this?”

Live, laugh, and prosper

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