8 Things to do while you’re sick

Look a mess. This is one time you have permission to look a hot mess. You’re sick. Who cares about beauty. Okay. I do. But it takes too much to get it together… esp when I’m just in the house. Which leads me to my next point…

Avoid everything. the dishes. Laundry. Homework. Everything. “I’m sick” is the perfect excuse to not lift a finger.

Lay in bed. In fact, I’m writing this post from my bed right now. Why? Because I’m sick. I’m writing it from my phone too because writing from my laptop takes just too much energy.

Catch up on TV. If you abide by rule 2, “avoid everything,” then you should be golden to watch a flick or some other form of mindless, educational or simply entertaining form of cornea draining tube vision.

Surf the net. that is if u have the energy to do so. I’m not there yet. Too tired.

Drink tea This will enhance the believability you being sick. Be sure people can see the string from the tea bag.

Avoid public places. It’s best for society.

Get well soon. Let’s face it. Being sick kicks rocks. The sooner we get well, the sooner we can get back to doing the things we love. Really, we can only milk the “I’m sick ” thing for so long.

Here’s a video to help entertain while you’re sick (or not).

http://youtu.be/WSUs0LhYMaU (sorry. Don’t have code to put directly into post from my phone)

Live, love, prosper

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