All Things Gina is not a Niche Blog

And neither is my YouTube channel.

And here are three reasons why:

1. My career is consists of digital marketing. This means that I live, breathe, eat and drink social media and websites for a living. When I’m on my personal time, I only want to follow the rules if I want to follow them. I prefer to do whatever the heck I want to do. Having a niche blog can be a ton of work. And when you say work, it never sounds pleasurable because there are always rules and I HATE RULES! (Don’t believe me, check out my niche blog, where in normal Regina fashion, I provide knowledge and even go on rants about all things marketing – traditional and digital.)

2. I’m not one-dimensional. Niche blogs tend to be one-dimensional. Beauty, fitness, natural hair, clothing, weight loss, crafting, art, marketing, design, web development, etc. But they are generally limited to one thing. It’s really not a diss that they’re one-dimensional. As you see, I publish one of the “one-dimensional” blogs myself. In fact, I find them very educational and maybe even entertaining. (Esp. YouTube beauty gurus and the natural hair community on YouTube and beyond. Though YouTube isn’t a blog, it is a vlog and definitely a much appreciated distraction and time waster) However, I am a human. And as a human, I have a ton of interests, some passions, emotions (of course), and with that comes a bunch of knowledge, opinions and even some ignorant and not-so-ignorant humor. This is what this blog is all about. That’s why it’s called All Things Gina. The menu and categories give you a bit more insight humor

3. This is a hobby. And with it being a hobby, I want it to be something I enjoy doing. I already talked about the lack of desire for this to be something that becomes cumbersome. If I don’t blog in months, so what. Maybe I just didn’t feel like it. Maybe I didn’t have anything to get off my chest. Maybe I spent too much time watching my top beauty gurus or laughing with Scooter Magruder. This is just like any other hobby. It may take 9 months to complete that scrapbook. Heck, I never finished my college scrapbook. I don’t even know where it is anymore. Point being, when it’s a hobby, deadlines don’t matter and neither does being perfect. It’s all about what you enjoy – and what I enjoy is sharing the little things and big moments in my life with my friends, family and even people I haven’t personally met. Maybe I can put a smile on their face or even help them through a problem. Heck, maybe they can help me through a problem or put a smile on my face. That’s the great thing about being in the presence of such great company – whether virtually or IRL, it’s all a give and take, and for that we are all better people.

Until next time.

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