Makeup for Beginners: Basic Tools and Tips

Let’s face it. Makeup an be a VERY confusing thing. Not everyone grew up with someone who taught them how to apply make up. (Hand raised). And then there were others who didn’t believe they needed a face full of make up (hand raised). And then this is the kicker, there were those who were too busy playing sports, chillin and just being comfortable in their own skin that wearing make up was not their top priority (hand raised.)

So before I create this assumption that I didn’t wear an ounce of make up growing up, I want to clear the air.

While foundation, powder, and eyeliner weren’t in my everyday arsenal as a teen or college student, there were things that were imperative – especially as a teen. For me, that was lip product. Tinted lip balm was my entry-way drug. Then I could be found with clear gloss, matte lipstick, or clear gloss with brown liner. (Don’t judge me. You know many of us did it.)

Then, as I got older, I introduced powder and and eventually eyeshadow, eye liner and and foundation into my makeup “routine.” and we will use the word routine lightly because I did not wear makeup on a consistent basis until very recently. However, I did notice the frequency increased more and more and I even made product adjustments over the year.

Is say all this to say, “we all start some where.”

If all the brushes and types of products seem a bit confusing, here are very simple make up tips:

  1. Start knowing you’re only going to do a 3-7 step process. 1) Base for your face 2) Eyeshadow 3) Eyeliner 4) Lips 5) Mascara. Knowing this should alleviate pressure. And even better, once you’re good at it, you can probably do it in less than 10 minutes.
  2. Find a good base for your face. This would require either a liquid or powder foundation, tinted moisturizer, or mineralized powder. And the type of product you choose depends on the amount of coverage you desire. If you want full coverage, a liquid foundation may be your best bet. For lighter coverage a tinted moisturizer or powder may do the trick. I used to used Mac NC45 foundation, but when they came out with the mineralized powder (Deep Dark is what I use), it was like the holy grail of all things beauty. While I recommend a high end base, I understand they are not always the most budget-frienldy. In this case, according to beauty gurus on YouTube, there are drugstore products that work well. Check out ItsJudyime or missglamorazzi for a bit more insight into drugstore foundations.
  3. Apply your base appropriately. Start with a thin layer and add if necessary. And whatever you do, try to choose the best match, blend into your skin well, and bring down to your neck. This will help avoid an abrupt ending to where your foundation or powder ends and your natural skin begins.
  4. Get the basic brushes. This will consist of a foundation brush, powder brush, eye shadow brush, and the basic brow grooming comb/brush. If you’re just starting, try studio brushes from because they’re pretty much awesome. I also find bamboo brushes, which you may be able to find at any drugstore, also are on the top of my list. For specific product:
    1. Liquid foundation. Try a kabuki or stipple brush. (If you use liquid foundation, you may want to find a powder to also set the foundation)
    2. Powder foundation. I find a flat powder brush is my favorite. However there are other powder brushes that you may float your boat just fine.
    3. Eyeshadow brush. Dish the applicators that come with the packaging. They pretty much suck and should be used in an emergency only. Instead, try a more sophisticated shadow brush. I creates a so much better look and helps blend different shades if you’re brave enough to go with more than one.
  5. Get a liquid eye liner. Leave the pencil alone – especially the cheap ones – mainly because they smudge, and that’s not a good look. Plus, you have to sharpen them. 1) that’s a hassle. 2) dull pencils hurt because you end up rubbing the pencil on your precious eyes. Instead purchase a liquid liner. Wet and Wild has a liquid liner that works perfectly fine and it looks like the price is $3.99 based on the link above. I use it everyday and it works perfectly fine. The only con is the applicator is a bit firm. Kinda takes you by surprise – especially if you’ve used any other liquid eye liners. (Note: Price may vary depending on store).
  6. Eyeshadow. Don’t try to be fancy with the eyeshadow. Smokey eyes are adorable. However, with anything else, you should get the basics down first. First learn how to apply a lid color. Just one. Then add a crease color and highlight your brow bone. These are the basics for any everyday eye. Now, if you wan to get fancy after you get these 3 steps, have at it. Take a gander at make up tutorials on YouTube. I’m sure you’ll find more eye tutorials that you even desire to watch.
  7. Mascara. Not all mascaras are treated equally, but I also find it hard to go REALLY wrong with mascara. I say get a basic one such as Maybeline Great Lash. It’s basic and get’s the job done. Nothing too fancy. Learn how to apply to the top lashes first. Then go ahead and begin applying to your bottom lashes.
  8. Lips. Go with what you like. From nudes to bolds, there are lipsticks, glosses and stains any any of them may fit your fancy. I’m a gloss girl and have been for years so I’m a bit biases. However, when I want to step it up, a nice lipstick is appealing. I do a bit of layering of colors/products at times – actually almost daily. However, if you’re just getting started, try just one first. And when you’re home practicing and you find that magic formula, go with it.
  9. Know it takes practice. From choosing the right colors to learning how much to apply, it’ll take time. When you have spare time, use it to play with your makeup. This and  will help you get better at your craft. After you have the basics, you can start experimenting with even more things such as lashes, smokey eyes, cool eyeliner colors and more – that’s if your into that kind of thing.
  10. Know that colors nor routine does not to change every day. There’s what people call everyday makeup. Then there’s that out on the town,  fancied up make up. Take pleasure in the simple routine. I do almost the same thing every day. The only thing I may change is my shadow and whether or not I use eyeshadow primer. I know it may get a bit boring Bur frankly, you skin tone only changes due to tanning. Therefore, the base isn’t going to change much. And black eyeliner and mascara is… well black eyeliner and mascara. I don’t do blush often, and I think being too bold with eyes for every day is a bit much. So playing with neutrals and subtleties with my eyes is about it. It’s about how I feel and frankly being too gussied up would make me feel a bit uncomfortable. To me if I feel good, then I’m good. Plus, let be real, there are many more important things in life such as sleep , coffee, working from home, not having to put makeup on at all. Remember. It’s just make up. Enjoy it, but put it in it’s place. You’re the master of your face. (tee hee. I rhymed)

Okay. Going now. Until next time.

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