Losing Almost 40 lbs Started on a Whim but Took Committment

“…the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong” – Ecclesiastes 9:11 (Holy Bible, KJV)

Here’s the story.

Over the course of 2012, I tried MANY things to lose weight. (In fact, the journey of trying occurred for years.) In 2012, I tried a few different diet pills and even had some pretty diligent times at the gym. The diet pills were a flop and the gym had become pretty tedious. Plus I gotten to a point where I was feeling pretty comfortable. Not because I was losing weight. I just was in a relationship where I would rather spend time with my significant other than focused on weight.  So I said, hey. I’m not going to try to be so diligent at this. However, after going to my health assessment at work and seeing my weight, I realized I was NOT content. Shortly after that I decided to make a change…again.

*Sigh* Here I was again, thinking of trying something new.

One night, I logged onto my computer and eventually went to weightwathcers.com.

I had a bit of hesitance. Meetings weren’t my thing, and as fiscally responsible (frugal) as I am at times, I was concerned about wasting money.  And if you know anything about my mental health issues, this is more than just a bit of concern. This can really trigger a bit of fear. “What if I don’t do it?” “What if I just waste money?” However, since the online program was affordable, I decided to try it – on a whim. And I did it.

It took commitment and sacrifice

Though the weight watchers journey started on a whim, I found it’s like anything else you want to succeed at. You have to find what works for you, and you have to commit to it. Often that commitment comes with some type of sacrifice. Eating less and changing what I ate was difficult at first.  I wanted to cry. I had attitude issues. I was like the lady on the Healthy Choice commercial who said she thought she hated the sound of children’s laughter, but realized she was just hungry. (Watch commercial below.) However, after I grew accustomed to the program, understanding how to get the most out of the point system what I could eat consistently and how to rethink my candy/snacking habit, things got a ton easier.

Now here I stand close to 40 pounds lighter

If I told you the road was easy, I would be lying. However, telling you that this journey was worth it is the absolute truth. I dropped sizes and have a higher appreciation for my body. I’m okay with looking in the mirror for the most part. And now that I’m at my maintenance stage (no longer in weight loss stage), I can enjoy more of the foods I had once given up.

Be encouraged

I know it’s hard, and there are times you may want to give up. That’s normal. Take time to celebrate your success along the journey. When food selections get boring, switch it up. And find a treat – your daily or weekly reward that won’t totally break your journey. And if you ever  do feel like you’ve eaten too much, just kick the exercise into gear (if you’re medically able). And remembered the words of my aunt who said if you have a bad day, you can always start again tomorrow. That’s what I do to this day. You can’t let that be an excuse for a ton of bad days, but it’s definitely helpful when it comes to “staying on the horse.”

Can’t wait to hear about your journey. Don’t forget to leave success stories, struggles, and even words of advice below.

Healthy Choice Commercial

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjayxnZBd4w?rel=0]


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