Speak English, Darnett!

Confused Man
That moment when you just want to get to the point.

In the corporate world, there is not a day that goes by where someone says something that says something that makes you want to smack them. And you want to smack them because you have to pull out the thesaurus to have even the most remote idea of what they are talking about. These things are so over your head that you feel like either you didn’t spend enough time on vocab or they are just trying to prove something. (Don’t believe me? Go to learnings.org, where the tagline is “Where corporate speak goes to die”.)

I feel that when someone says something so over your head, or as we like to say, use “big words”, they just don’t know what they are talking about. On the other hand, if they can take the time to break it down to the layman, then they have a great understanding of the subject…in and out. There’s no longer the need to impress. Instead, there’s a need to communicate.

The same is true for blogging. We get it. Your subject is deep or super creative or super geeky. Whatever the case is, while your audience may share the interest, their passion and level of understanding isn’t as deep as yours. In fact, that’s why they’re reading your blog; to learn and gain a greater understanding of the topic at hand. In this case, the last thing you want to do is use language that they don’t yet – and maybe don’t care to – understand. And if you can’t communicate on their level, you’ve lost them.

People have zero desire to get tripped up over terms, and they won’t waste their time on a site that makes them think about the words too hard. They want to gain information in the easiest manner possible. And if you’ve failed at speaking plain English, you lose them.

Instead, tell stories, use examples, and paint pictures that they can relate to. This approach much more palatable. It’ll leave a pleasant taste in their mouth, and they may even come back for more. And you once again are hailed as the genius you already know you are.

Until next time.

Live, love, prosper.


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