Stuff Freelancers Don’t Like

Shall I include a long elaborate intro or simply get straight to the point. Or maybe I’ll find a happy medium.

Being an entrepreneur is not the easiest thing in the entire world. Sure, we get to make our own hours, get to work from our bed, and get that 5 million dollar salary…Stop sign

Wait. Who am I kidding. Being an entrepreneur is hard work. That’s the bottom line. While there are perks, there are some just downright frustrating things that come with the territory. Now, brace yourself because some of these things are controversial, and many would tell you not to even mention them. But I think the world should know…

  1. When clients don’t pay or pay late. You would think this is a duh, but the amount of people who stand you up, even upon signing an airtight contract and having a delightful project completed and delivered, there are people who still don’t pay. Yet, I bet these same people expect payment from their customers or employer for a product or service rendered – and on time. Freelancers would like the same type of respect. If you can’t afford it, don’t sign the contract.
  2. Partial payment. Unless this is written in the contract partial payment is inconvenient and can be a pain in the butt. Freelancers have bills, and they’re not gonna go away simply because the client didn’t pay. Luckily, the smart or experienced freelancers learn how to work around this.
  3. Taking time to meet with you and craft proposals with no avail. Discovering the client’s needs, developing and documenting the scope of the project, determining timing, and determining cost and payment structure all takes time. The least a potential client could do is send an email, make a phone call, or heck, even hit us up on Facebook to let us know whether or not you’ll be progressing with the proposal.
  4. Clients who attempt to negotiate ridiculously low rates for services. Let me put it clearly. This gesture is insulting. It’s one thing to negotiate. It’s another to pay someone below what they’re worth. Do you realize you may be getting Fortune 500 work for ridiculously reasonable rates? That’s not being arrogant. It’s telling the truth. Entrepreneurs have worked for top-tier companies, and we’re simply trying to extend the same quality of work to smaller businesses.
  5. Accounting. Okay, I may not be speaking for all freelancers, especially those who are accountants (or business freaks like me), but keeping receipts, having an accurate and up-to-date account of all payments received, and even having an understanding of what hasn’t been paid is annoying. We’d rather be spending our time doing the things we love…like baking cupcakes.
  6. The legal side of the business. Getting licenses, filing withe government, creating contracts and all other legal stuff SUCK! But it’s a necessary evil to cover your butt.
  7. Financially investing in our business. Yes. We too have to pay for our business to run. I would love to have a non-existent marketing budget, not have to pay for my business license, get my supplies for free, and so on, but it doesn’t work like that. So we have to suck it up, and put part of our earnings toward our growth. Good thing we love what we do, otherwise this would be pure torture.
  8. Long hours. The long hours is kinda a love/hate relationship. We hate watching the time pass us by as we complete projects or work on new ideas. However, the passion, or sheer insanity mixed with Type A personality, keeps us going. Waking up the next morning with a full day ahead… Well, that can be pure torture. Coffee, anyone?

And on that note, I think I’ll end. Please, by all means, add the things you don’t like as well.

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