30 Random Things About Me

There was this 50 Random Things About Me tag going around on YouTube, and as much as I would like to join that via video, I’m either too lazy or too busy or don’t care enough to do it via video. (No offense. I give it up to the YouTubers. Writing is just a bit easier for me.) Anyhoo, I thought it still would be fun to do a random facts about me post, so here I go.

  1. I was generally the youngest person in my class. Yep. I didn’t go to kindergarten, and I lied about my age in middle school.
  2. I love to shop. Whether online or physical stores, shopping is my thing. In fact, I get a kick out of just being at the mall and if I leave the mall without one thing, I feel defeated.
  3. My original college major was general business – prelaw. My goal was to be an entertainment or corporate lawyer, but when I was told that wasn’t a good major to have if you wanted to get a job directly out of college, I decided to change my major. Good thing I made the decision during a summer program before my Freshman year of college. That way, changing majors didn’t affect my graduation plan.
  4. I can play the piano a little bit. I should be able to play a lot better since I started playing in like the 3rd or 5th grade, but yeah. I’m still not that great.
  5. I speak Spanish. Not fluently but better than many.
  6. My favorite color used to be purple. Don’t think that’s my favorite color anymore.
  7. I used to play the flute and clarinet. In fact, I was first chair in the flute section, which means I also read treble clef register quite fluently for my level. However, I stopped when I went to high school. My music and dance background may be the reason I can hear music well, but since I don’t have a huge vocal background, I may not always be able to break through the noise vocally. However, give me a keyboard, and I may be able to find the basic tune of what’s being played.
  8. I’m crafty. Though I don’t flaunt it, and I’m not the biggest crafter, I can find my way around a hot glue gun, crochet needle and yarn, and posters like crazy. 
  9. I used to hide the fact that I was smart. I didn’t want to be known as the resident nerd. I mean, what nerds are popular. Though, some still saw the nerd in me.
  10. I consider myself a professional student. Over the years, I’ve learned the shortcuts to learning, but I also know when to put in the hard work. Ever instructor is different and every class is different. You have to pay attention early to know how much effort you really have to put into the class.
  11. I learned how to type quickly when I used to chat on AOL Instant Messenger. And do this day, I still don’t type correctly.  (I barely used my left pinky, and I don’t use my left ring finer correctly either. Ah well.)
  12. I only applied for two colleges. Mainly because I was lazy, I didn’t totally understand the process, and my mother went to a local college. Yes. It’s important for underprivileged/underexposed children to have mentors and more exposed people walking with them. I was involved in several programs in high school and college that helped – and I don’t mean the honor society. I mean things like BEEP (Black Excellence Education Program) that guided and encouraged students like me (high achievers, yet possibly underexposed) through the pre-collegiate process.
  13. I’ve learned how to do make-up in my 30s due to YouTube beauty gurus. My mother stopped wearing makeup when I was young and discouraged most types of makeup as I was growing up, so I didn’t have someone there walking with me. However, these gurus have taught me how to mix foundations, blend shadows, and so much more.
  14. I find make-up a hobby. Yes, it’s about being pretty, but it’s also about being creative. A black girl rocking red and yellow shadow – sounds like a mess, but it could work. Playing to make it work is the joy. 
  15. I’m a super procrastinator.
  16. I’m pretty anal about kitchen cabinet organization. I have a storage space for lids. I like round storage containers to go with round and square to go with square. And please don’t leave cabinets open.
  17. I think cupcakes may have been God’s gift to me. I like to eat cupcakes. I like to make cupcakes. I like to watch TV shows about cupcakes (and cake in general).
  18. I have a really loud laugh. And I’m okay with that. 
  19. I talk REALLY fast. I often don’t realize how fast I’m talking, but people tend to remind me.
  20. My mother is a minister. She didn’t become ordained until I was in high school, but she started her training while I was a bit younger, and she has been highly involved in youth ministry even before I was born.
  21. I want children more than anyone probably ever knows. Though I love having disposable income, I want a child. I want to buy nice clothes for the child. I want to raise the child. I definitely think there’s a blessing in child rearing, and I want to experience that blessing.
  22. I’m highly thinking about adopting. This is very scary for me, but I’m 33 and don’t have any children yet. While some say there is no rush and “you still have time,” I want a child now.
  23. I hate being single. Though relationships can be draining, there’s something about companionship and having a built-in friend.
  24. There was nothing close to a silver spoon in my mouth growing up. Though I knew I didn’t have the best material items, I always knew I had a mom who would do anything for me and a family who loved me unconditionally. Family has always been big.
  25. Though my mom married my stepfather when I was four, I barely talked to him until I was in college. I was close to my biological father during my earlier years, and my stepfather didn’t go out of his way to have a relationship with me. There was a great period of time when I missed that man in my life, and I understand you can never make up for that time. However, these years are better with both my biological father and my stepfather.
  26. Texas Roadhouse is one of my favorite restaurants. The steak is great and the menu works well with Weight Watchers as long as you know how to order.
  27. I grew up pretty sheltered. Though, I grew up in the “hood”, my parents kept us sheltered from a lot of things that happened around us. I don’t know much about the drug game. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a handheld gun in person.
  28. I used to swear/cuss like a sailor. It’s only because of my relationship with Christ that I don’t have a filfthy mouth anymore, and it could also be the reason why I’m so offended by curse words.
  29. I cry a lot. Though I don’t cry a ton in front of people, the waterworks often go off in the Patterson and Swims (my mom and stepfather’s household.) Instead of crying about things such as movies or things that make me happy, I cry when I get frustrated, angry, and when my feelings are hurt.
  30. I sometimes find it intimidating that my speech isn’t perfect. Being in a a corporate world where everyone doesn’t speak and look like you can be quite intimidating. It makes me want to crawl back into my comfy world of inner city living, where I at least understand things a bit more.

In the meantime, I hope you learned some fun things about me, and be sure to leave a comment with some random facts about you. Yes…my M tweeps. I definitely want to know more from you.


  1. I loved this. It gave me such good insights into you. Our upbringings were so different but yet so similar. I love you my fellow ex-overachiever 🙂

    1. I sow wish there was a “like” button to comments. And yes,”ex-overachiever.” This girl has to have fun.

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