Why I Don’t Force Christianity on My Friends

Doesn’t believe in God. That’s one of my friends.

Doesn’t do church. That’s another one of my friends.

Doesn’t do organized religion. Yet another of my friends.

Avid, Bible-quoting/Bible-toting believer. That’s me.

I was saved by grace; the grace of God. Not Shirley (my mom). Not a corporation. Not even my pastor. And I know it took poking, prodding, patience, and good old grace and mercy to get me walking the walk and consistently talking the talk.

I understand faith is not easy. Yet, we try to make it sound like something we just magically understood. But we didn’t.

It was an experience that only we can tell and hope others catch the fire.

Instead of forcing it on them, I hope to show them love; show them an attractive, yet transparent lifestyle of Christianity. One that comes with benefits of freedom from sin and eternal damnation…and one that has tangible benefits. The life where God wraps me in his arms and ushers me into peace when I’m all alone with what feels like the pressures of life is weighing down on me. The life where I wanted to get practically debt free, and He helped me on that journey. The one that when I’m about to make the wrong decision, He opens an attractive door, ensuring that I’m both protected and happy.

This is the God I want my friends to see.

They know I’m a Christian – a Bible-toting, Bible-quoting Christian.

And just like Jesus did, I feast with them with open arms. I love them today and  always will. And I hope the love of Christ, and my witness through words, action and faith is enough. And at any time they EVER have a question or want to know more, or even want to know God the way I know Him, here I am waiting with open arms.

Until then, I will continue to witness. I will continue to nudge. But I will not force.

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