My feet hurt

(Please forgive typos. Authored from my phone.)

But I’m not sure if they hurt as much as my brain. Now my brain; that’s what really hurts.

The 563 million thoughts that pass through my brain at a moments time is ironically miraculous and evilly overwhelming at the same time – and I don’t even have kids. Speaking of…shout out to all the moms who balance the a multifaceted life like mine, but then add husband; soccer games, feeding family, and in-laws to the list. Okay. That suddenly made me feel like I should suck it up. But, nope. I’m not gonna do it *in my Vine voice. said reference here:

I’m not gonna suck it up because though I’m without kids, my life, my pressures, and how I feel about what’s on my plate still matters.

The 113 unread emails in only one of my email boxes matter.

The piling list of things I need to do when I get back matter.

My not-so-clean house matters.

My dog (aka my perpetual 2 year old) matters.

The ideas that I want to blog about but either don’t have time, energy, or umph to do it matter.

And the million other things that swirling in my virtual to do list matter. (And by virtual, I don’t mean digital. I literally mean the list that never made it to paper or an app.)

So today I made it a point to not blog about certain things, per se. Instead, I’ve decided to annoy the heck outta people by embracing and sharing my journey on Facebook in the form of bite-size blog posts – also known as a status update. (I bet that today Facebook – and my followers – hate that they changed the status question from “what are you doing?” to “what’s on your mind?” because today that’s exactly what I posted.

I would love to make those snippets blog posts in the end because while the minimalistic display said it all, it just didn’t say it all. And I just wanted to transfer it from my mind to the mind of others because what I have to say is, well, important. (That was a bit narcissistic, huh?)

Anywho, that wasn’t what this post was supposed to be about. Maybe at a later time, I’ll get to tell you more about why my brain hurts. I’m sure you all can relate.

Squirrel. (Up!)


  1. Huuuuuuuuggggggggg

    1. Thanks. You have way more going on than me. I think you may need a hug more.

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