Why I deactivated my Facebook account

If you’re looking for a list of social media bashing or a platform for commiserating on how “people say stupid stuff” this isn’t it. Frankly, my paycheck is tied to people’s affinities toward social networking. And, just months ago you may have found me, contrary to this post, evangelizing the good of social. I truly don’t believe it is all bad. In fact, if you’ve seen the amount of scripture, Upworthy links, and items that brighten your day, one can arguably state that there’s a ton of good.

Now with one of the most succinct intros I’ve ever written out of the way, here’s the meat:

  1. The never-ending popularity contest. It’s no longer about how many friends do I have. Instead, I found myself consistently checking to see how many likes I had. As previously read, this is why Millennials have a desire for instant and constant feedback. I must agree. A “like” is a sign of approval, or in high school terms, you’re popular. But in real life, this does nothing for me but validate my thoughts or humor. And I LIKED IT! When you get to point 4, you’ll see why this isn’t so great.)
  2. The inability to disconnect. We could all say that we  choose when we’re on Facebook and when we’re not. I’m more like the person who’s unsuccessful at quitting smoking, I have a horrible time with disconnecting. I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. I wanted to break free, but the fact that it is everywhere – phone, computer, tablet – I couldn’t get away. (Kinda like a crackhead going into a crack house saying they’re not gonna hit the pipe. #justsayin)
  3. The induced need for a 12-step program. I was totally addicted. As you continue to find yourself consistently receiving likes, laughs, and comments, you find yourself posting more and more to get the next high. Though I don’t have any scientific evidence, this is probably very closely tied to the same [insert smart psychology phrase here] that happens when one finds pleasure in food, etc.
  4. I personally can’t handle it, emotionally. Finding myself almost in tears due to PMS-induced emotions surrounding births/new moms, marriages, and sappy women loving on their children and telling us every amazing thing little Johnny did, I realized Facebook isnt a good place for me anymore. Not because I want them to stop. I’m a total advocate of romantic love and parents who are in love with their kids – frankly, I love many of their kids too. It’s just that it clouds what personally makes me happy. There’s no need to give the empathetic “awww” in this place. There are plenty of things that make me happy. Not being distracted from these things is what’s key.
  5. It’s what I do for a living. And this means I spend wayyyyyy too much time thinking about Facebook and seeing that little white F in a blue box. And frankly, I’m suffering from content and information overload. Not everyone spends time nearly as much time finding and developing content for Facebook as I do. I’m pretty sure that disconnecting from Facebook will give my brain a much needed break on a daily basis, hopefully improving some of my brain functionality. (You may laugh, but the fact that I can’t clearly communicate using the words I desire honestly worries me. I have no idea how I can’t seem to access pretty basic terms on-the-spot. And though I may not show it, I’m a tad embarrassed. Not enough to climb under a rock, but enough to raise a red flag.)

I may do quite a few things that seem pretty dramatic. And like I said before, the Facebook digression could be 85% PMS-induced. However, the thought of doing it has been there for a while.

These 2 lins prove point #4 110 times over:

Stuff new moms say on Facebook

I’m actually guilty of #2 though I wasn’t enagaged

Please add more. I’m down for a good laugh – or moment where I can empathize. Whatever floats your boat.


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