“I can’t be everything to everybody” SHOULD be liberating

Overachievers unite! You know, you. The perfect student. Perfect mom. Perfect wife. Perfect employee. Perfect child. And then reach into your medicine cabinet and pull out your magic meds that helps you carry the weight of perfection. (I can say this because I can relate.)

“I can’t be everything to everybody,” generally comes with a bit of guilt, feeling that you’ve let someone down, sadness because you don’t want it to be true, and maybe even a sense of failure. You feel that if you tried a little harder or moved something around, maybe you could’ve been whatever it was that led you to the statement in the first place.

But when you look at the bare bones of the statement, the cliché is 100% true. You CAN’T be everything to everybody. And that, my dear,  should be liberating.

It should open doors to saying no. It should give way to setting boundaries. It should put you in a position of taking both your life and sanity back.

You’re right; you can’t be all things to everybody. So stop tying to be. Stop attempting superperson feats and be a normal human, for crying out loud. And when guilt tries to creeps in, look at your chest, realize it’s not inscribed with an “S”, and then smile.

Then “Keep Calm and Carry On.”

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