It’s easy to establish a business. Running it; not so much.

Over the course of the years, I’ve seen a number of CEOs, LLCs, Presidents and more pop up; so many that it makes me a bit less than wowed. Hand raised. I’ve been one of those businesses. I’ve been Owner, Founder, Consultant, and Digital Marketing Affecianado, and I’ve had almost as many, if not more, business names, Twitter handles, and Facebook pages names that follow suit.

And I’m passionate. Still am.

We can take on the world, right?

Reach for the moon. Reach for the stars. And every other inspirational quote we can think of spurs us.

That is, until the day, the fire burning your rocket ceases to burn. And you have nothing else left.

Long hours. Minimal return. Unpaid bills. And stress. If this were an accounting ledger, liabilities outweigh your assets.

But you’re a fighter. You have to keep going. It’s your dream.

Or is it?

Is it your dream to go to work and come home to more work? Is it your dream to not know where your next paycheck is going to come from? Is it your dream to play accountant, lawyer, marketer and sales person – all in addition to what you’re really passionate about.

Sure. You have the talent, and you’re super smart. No one is doubting that. But is it really your dream to work all the wee hours of the day and night, watching life slip you by as you incessantly chase your dream?

I get it. It’s hard to feel as if your talents are going to waste. Or that you could be invoicing thousands for “consulting” work. But it’s just not that easy. Trust me. It’s not.

After watching myself feel as if I were spinning circles, I swallowed one hard pill; running a business isn’t for me. I have the talent. I’m super smart. I even have charisma.

But I don’t have the will.

The will to be continuously turned down nor the time, flexibility or even drive to go after the customers who can afford me. That may sound a little crass, but in business, you have to know your worth. Giving ridiculous, putting in multiple hours, and giving up what I like to do for “my dream” wasn’t “what’s up”, as the saying goes.

I traded in that tenacity for more rewarding moments. Lounging on my butt after a long day of work, breathing in fresh air, and ” the peace of God that passes all understanding” (Phil. 4:7) is so much more rewarding.

Yep. I kinda regret I’m not chasing that dream. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t. But I don’t regret this newly found meaning of life.


  1. I made this same conclusion a couple years ago. Yes, I still sniff around the thought of making it “all on my own” (monetizing my blog what? ha ha) but it is HARD yo! Plus, I have an impossibly good day job that I can’t fathom quitting – ever. It’s a good thing to struggle with, isn’t it? So much further from where we were just a few years ago…

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