Today I shaved my pits…

The title of this post is ultimately symbolic…symbolic of what today means, how it has flowed. Pretty much no care in the world, meaning I could do what I wanted when I wanted. (Well, with the exception of helping at The Dream Big Fair, which was AWESOME. Best year yet.)

I  woke up WITHOUT an alarm clock.

My first and ONLY commitment didn’t require my attendance until close to noon.

I left there before 3.

Stopped for some food.

Back home before 4. (All without getting wet, because this girl toted an umbrella along.)

Satisfied the crafter in me by cleaning out jars that were one home to Bath and Body Works candles.

Cleaned my office, which has been a bit of a mess (understatement) since the painting project – which, might I add, is not complete. Ode to the chevron stripes in which the accent wall awaits. But this girl just needed to chill.

And, yes, I even shaved my pits.

I know. None of these is anything to blow a whistle at. BUT…I had time to do them all. In my book, that’s pretty darn exciting.


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