Another day. Another dollar.

Today was a particularly hard day at the office. A day where emotions ran high, venting was a necessary evil, and the realization of finite resources in a world full of options was realized.

It was a day where I had to push back. A day where I pulled the Gina from 2 years ago out and carried the torch of “don’t go there.” A day where the fizzle became external.

Burning the candle on both ends has begun, and without fail, as a pot of boiling rice, the water began to boil over.

The good thing. It’s early in the process. The rice hasn’t burned. I still have my sanity. I have a chance to recoup. I have a chance to create boundaries, say no a bit more, and simply do what I can do. It’s up to me not to overextend, and only prayer will help.

I admit. This is a weakness. Workaholic anonymous, don’t worry about admitting me. I’m going to get it under control before I even need you…I hope. Yeah. I can do it.

Will you help cheer me on? (And suddenly, I feel the urge to watch Dora the Explorer.)


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