I miss him

No, not him. Him.

You know the fine, sexy, shut yo’ mouth

That you can come home to after a long hard days work

The one who is waiting with a glass of wine

Hands outstretched

Ready to caress your withered feet


The one who asks how your day was

And you vent about how Keshia did this

Then laugh about how Steph did that


The one you cook dinner for

And as life-long lovebirds

You eat


The one who gives you reason to leave work

To put down your pencil

And not be super concerned about what’s left on your desk

Because what you left waiting at home

Is so much more important


I miss him


Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome

The one who makes me tingle inside

And not just sexually

But lovingly


In ways words could never describe


I miss the connection

The deep-rooted affection

The kind that gives way to  matrimony

Holy matrimony

Where before God

We commit

Both standing in unity


You’ll be my Mr.

I’ll be your Mrs.


I miss him

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  1. OK very relatable for me right now. I feel you girl **hugs**. On a random sidebar – No. Not you, YOU. The bowlegged one. #shoop

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