Really bothered

I admit it. I ran (as in ran an errand) to the gas station today in workout shorts and a tank top, and I must say, I was VERY bothered by the attention I received from the guys. It felt horrible to be looked at like a piece of meat. In the past, I thought this was the type of attention that I wanted, but today I realized that attention sucks. It’s one thing to be admired. Another to be looked at as an inanimate object. That really taught me a lesson. Less skin…or at least shorts and tanks when appropriate. LIKE SUMMER.

Anywho. Just wanted to share my lesson-learned.

I take brains and personality first for my best qualities any day now.

I still appreciate being cute, but uhhh..this body is meant for my man, whenever he comes along. Until then, cover up – or at least don’t dress to attract negative attention.

The end.

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