My Great Expectations Beautifully Flopped

“May 15 next year will be my last day.” I proclaimed to my boss while sitting on my high horse of “better than this place” I’d prefer to call “rehell” – the combination of retail and hell.1442375_43030768

May 14 would mark my 5 year tenure. I’d be fully vested. There would be no reason to stay. I’d stayed in that pit for long enough. Little did I know, the ending I predicted would come a bit sooner.

The transition began in February when I decided to make a career change. I would pursue teaching at the collegiate level or some other part-time gig while pursuing my dream of full-time consultancy. That was it. Though the transition was urged by circumstances outside of my control, the timing couldn’t be any better.

Applying to a national university was quite ballsy, but I did it. After being accepted into the training program, I completed 4 weeks of training and even had the opportunity sit in on one class. And suddenly silence.


After deciding to leave my job in retail, but not yet gone, I’d been contacted by a recruiter for a position with a local organization. I reluctantly proceeded with the formalities, making it very clear, “I’m only interested if the position is right.”

My sight was being my own boss. I had the smarts, the drive, and even the tenacity to “make it happen.” I did not want to go back into “game.”

However, I progressed.

Resume. Check. Candidate doc. Check. Meeting. Check. Interviews. Check.


Wait…offer. I hadn’t yet completed the formality of sending a thank you letter.

And they’re giving you everything you asked for.

May 3, the next year, was my last official day of rehell.

May 14 I began my new job.

Two years later, I’m employed by the same organization, doing what I love. I work from home…or the office – whatever floats my boat. I’m entrusted with a great blend of autonomy and responsibility, and the people are great. Though the new job hasn’t been all roses and butterflies, it’s a far escape from hell.

I may not have met my great expectation of consultant extraordinnare. But…I may have found something even better.

For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord; plans to prosper you and not to harm you. – Jeremiah 29:11

This is my response to this week’s weekly challenge.


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  2. Congrats
    Nice refreshing read this was!

    1. Thanks fro your kind reply.

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