May: A lil this, A lil that

Wow. I didn’t think I’d have much for May. I also told myself to keep a list for the month. Wrong on both ends.

So, what have I been into this month?

Beauty and skin care

  • Makeup low-keyness. I kind of went low-key on the make up this month. Gave my skin a break. I had some makeup here and there…but not nearly every day..not even when I went to work…or even to church. Okay. I’ll admit, leaving it off sometimes was because I was running late or just didn’t feel like it. But I do think giving the skin a bit of a break is a good thing. However, thanks to the summer, I’m now in a darker shade of foundation. Yay! No more mixing colors for the more appropriate shade…at least not for the summer.
  • Skin care. I’ve been brutal to my skin; I’m a sucker for picking at and bursting white heads and pimples with my fingers. So, I now have some pretty awesome dark spots on my face. So, I’ve amped it up on intentional skin care. This month exfoliating – using an exfoliating pad – and applying a mask every other day has been added to the routine. I can be kind of lazy with skin care, but I don’t want my picking to be the demise of my otherwise appreciated skin.
  • Nail obsession, or not. Pedi. Yes. Mani. No. Believe it or not, I’ve only painted my fingernails once this month. The routine is a bit much…and not being able to do anything while the polish dries is not cool. Plus, if I do them too close to sleepy-bye time, they smudge during the night. Not a fan. Therefore, nails did not happen most of this month. However, a pedicure did. I went with a really pale color though. I wasn’t feeling the “summer” vibes yet. Now…I’m all about the bright colors. Hence, the awesome pink/red (e-nuf is e-nuf by Essie)  I have on nails and toes at the moment.
  • Lips. I’ve also added exfoliating my lips to the list of  “things I do for beauty.” I just use a toothbrush and extra virgin olive oil. You can thank her for the inspiration.


  • A  praying sista. I’ve been much more diligent with my prayers. It’s now something I kind of look forward too. I seriously thought about prayer as a chore…something I had to do because I was a Christian. And I get the fact that it’s a privilege. But nothing was really moving me. Then I realized I felt better one day after praying…so now I just kept on doing it. Like I said, I get a bit excited about praying. It truly is a place where I can just talk to God about anything…good, bad, and ugly and He just listens…and answers.
  • Funny prayer. “God, please don’t let me get mad simply because someone talks to me.” (Okay…I’m not that bad, but when I assume it’s something I don’t want to hear…or think that you’re going to destroy my peace, I do get a bit irritated.) #mylife

Guilty Pleasures

  • Drop Dead Diva. Been watching this on Netflix like it just came out or something. Combining the ditziness of Friends with a hint of Law and Order and wit, this show works for me. Three things I like in one. I guess it’s a three-fer. (haha) Who knew Lifetime could produce such an amazing show?
  • Dark chocolate. The Lord was good when he allowed this creation to grace the earth.Where has this been all my life. To think, I used to not like most chocolate. Well, that’s changed. Thanks, Eve.
  • World’s Strictest Parents. Yep. This British series that partners the epitome of every teen who should’ve had a couple more  spankings when they were younger with seemingly strict parents definitely caught my attention. I admit it. I’m a sucker for these types of shows. Though, it was to my delight to see how the new parents were keen on communication, relationships, and a focus on the future in addition to rules.
  • Diet food” from heaven. White rice cooked in garlic-infused water, ground beef, dark red kidney beans, kale. All together. DELICIOUS! Made it once on a whim. Made it again after I realized how yummy it was. BTW…myselfishexistence has a pretty awesome post about “diet food.” Hence the term, “diet food.” Now go read it.


  • Blog posts. And not even a lot of those this month. Can’t say much consistently had my attention.  Any recommendations?


  • Off my game. I’ve obviously been off my blogging game this month. Not a lot of true inspiration. Kind of a reflection of how I’ve been feeling about life this month. Just kinda blah and boring.


  • Race relations. This has been on my mind a lot from several different angles for the past few months.
  • Self-reflection. Areas of growth. Not the biggest fan of thinking about this, yet, I find myself assessing often.


  • Buried alive. My nose has been buried in digital marketingness. Thank God for flexibility and the skill to learn and do…even if I do moan and complain about it. Guess I have to get better at that. Prayer point.

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  1. OOH I’m so going to try that kale-rice dish! That sounds amazing! Hope we get to lunch this week, it has been too long, my friend!

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