You couldn’t have made that into a movie?!

Outside of the bible, non-fiction has got to be THE MOST BORING GENRE in all the genres of writing ever made. A compilation of words stringed together to help one boost their career, become a better you, or some other…sorry, it’s so boring, I forgot what I was going to say.

Yet, I just picked up a book.

Reading non-fiction is often like networking to me. It’s a necessary evil…and I mean evil. A means to an end.

Before you bash me, let me clarify. I don’t hate all non-fiction. The issue I have is with books – 100, 200, 500 page books with limited entertainment value. While I’m extremely interested in the subject matter, the books make me want to stab myself directly in the retina .

Article? We’ve found a winner.

Books? Kill yourself.

You couldn’t have made a movie about it. You couldn’t have recorded a motivational speech. I mean, really. Disney has proven that cartoon characters successfully teach life lessons. I mean hakuna matata.

I know from Dora to look at the map. I even know from Blue’s Clues how to use my handy, dandy notebook.

If it works for kids, why don’t you do it…Mr. Do-it-all-to-become-the-best-you-you’ve-ever-been-in-all-you-life guy.

Adults can be so boring. So unimaginative. So black and white…literally…black letters on white paper.

So, I sigh.

I’ll pick up the book and I’ll attempt to return to the school of life.

(Many of my friends who are avid readers are now probably wondering how we could ever be friends or how I could ever write for a living.)

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