Self-discovery: Purpose before progress – Part 2

In my last post, I spent a ton of time writing about my purpose. In an effort to not bore you to tears or declare a 15 page dissertation, I decided to make this a 2-part series.

As stated previously, the inability to identify and articulate my goals had me literally freaking out to the point of anxiety attacks. So, I did what I knew how to do…first I tried to solve it on my own by ordering books and doing the research. But, that was to no avail. So, I did what I should’ve run to first, prayer.

After a pretty insightful, yet spastic blogging session and a similarly frantic session in prayer, my purpose became more clear. (You can read more about that here.) However, what became more clear was that I literally had the inability to focus on my career goals if I didn’t understand my purpose. Since life is not about a paycheck to me, my career means absolutely nothing if I can’t tie it to a bigger goal. Now that I know that I want to inspire children of color to become the best them, I now have better direction for my goals.

Next step: Management – preferably at my same job.

Future: VP of Communications (or something like that.)

Future, Future: Maybe President of something.

I’m not sure I want to become a CEO. Not really feeling that at this moment, but who knows. I’m pretty ambitious. I may just say today is the day I start my road to CEO-ville.

And yes, I want to be a pretty awesome mom too. And I’m gonna be a darn good wife. Oh, he’s gonna be a happy fella, whoever he is.

Why so ambitious? I just said it. If I’m going to inspire youth (and maybe even young adults) to become all they can be…well, I need to put on my A game. I know I have more in me than what I’m currently doing. And if I were to stop here, I wouldn’t be living up to my potential. And then I would be a fraud. A big, fat fraud.

So game on. Gina’s back –new and improved.

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