Gina’s Kitchen: Chicken and Rice Noodles

I was getting sooooo bored with my food, so I decided to get a some new noms to put a twist on things. Today, I’ll let you in. (BTW…I’m bad at recipes. I cook by experiment. So, I’ll provide the ingredients and you can take it from there.)


Servings: 1.5 – 2


Chicken cutlets

Rice noodles (pre-made)

Soy sauce

Frozen green peas

Fresh green beans

Red Chili Pepper Flakes

Chopped onions

Asian Seasoning

Prep & Cook:


Season with asian seasoning
In a skillet…sautee chicken cutlets until brown cooked on the outside,
then add a little water,
cover and let simmer until cooked all the way through

Everything else:

Mix soy sauce and water in bowl (or cup or something). I think I had more soy sauce than water.

Cut green beans into small pieces

Pour soy sauce/water mixture into skillet separate from skillet where chicken is cooking

(Maybe have skillet on medium or medium high)

Let simmer for a few minutes

Add frozen green peas (as many as you like) and like 3-5 mins

Then add green beans…let cook a bit more (2 mins if fresh, if frozen, add at same time as peas)

Add frozen onions

Be sure to move food around while sauteeing

Add rice noodles

Let all of it cook together for 2-5 mins

The finale

Add chicken to the skillet with everything else, mix together and it’s ready to serve.

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