The marvel in your story

Pen. Paper. Typewriter. Mac. Or PC. Everyone has their own, personal story.

Sometimes it’s not enough to read someone one else’s story. Sometimes you have to write it for yourself. Whether your story is lived out loud or chronicled in a journal hidden from the masses, your story is your story. I choose both…sometimes I pray my story. Sometimes I find solace in escaping behind pen and paper. And then there’s the cathartic moments realized as I virtually pen my story in the form of a blog.

There’s something about feeling MY words; my emotions in black and white. There is nothing in this world that brings such solace as simply chronicling my journey; getting what’s on my mind off my chest…or even knowing that I could be helping someone with the words expressed on a page.

And while my story may be LIKE your story, you possess as story that’s just as personal and just as beautiful. You may relate, laugh with me, or even shed tears as you relive moments through the words scribed through my posts. But I encourage you to write your own story.

Your pencil may be the jokes you’ve labored over for hours. Your PC may be a KitchenAid mixer used to knead dough made with love. Or maybe your Mac may be the song you belted out in your last performance.

However you connect with your inner-man, I encourage you to become one with self. Embrace you. The whole you. And give yourself that hug you may not otherwise get, because you…yes you…deserve it.

Love ya to pieces.

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