Old School Jams

It’s night. That time when I generally hit my journal with a prayer, play a bit of Candy Crush, read the Bible on a good day, and then close my lids for some hours.Me and headphones

Tonight, I went to hit my journal – to first journal and then pray. But this Pandora station is right, especially for my mood.

The Station: SWV

Currently Playing: Tevin Campbell, Can We Talk

Previously Played: SWV, Rain

I mean…I really wanted to journal about my issues, my hectic day, and my responsibility for being burned out…but really; how can you be in a bad mood with this playing in the background.

It takes you back to the careless days of the 90s…late elementary, middle school and high school. Ah…there were some good times during those years. Especially middle and high school. And Tevin Campbell…who didn’t have a crush on him? Well, I didn’t but that’s neither here nor there. The point is nostalgia.

Double Dutch

Jump rope

Gym class where you really didn’t do much

Ahhh the good old days

Laughin in the hallways

Wanting adulthood, but enjoying the teen years with much pleasure

Or was that only us at the “O”


Talent shows

Dance offs

And boys inappropriately showing their bird chests

And girls screaming at the voices freshly pubertized chests drenched in baby oil

(Okay…maybe they didn’t go that far, but had to set the scene)

Ahhh…the good old days

“Back in the day when I was young”

Remember that song

Now Playing: Can’t You See, Total

I sigh

Yet, I smile

Still feeling the pressures of reality

But totally enjoying the escape

Can we go back to the 90s?

Can we live high school forever?

Oh…what I’d do to have just one more day as a teen

Now Playing: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Lauren Hill

The Fugees

“Ooh La La…”

Who remember’s that

“Killing Me Softly”

No clue what that really meant

And it was absolutely fine

Actually, better

Lyrics I didn’t quite understand

Too deep for my 15-year-old mind to grasp

Yet beats that my 33-year-old self can partner with the lyrics

And find pure bliss

And sometimes repulsion

Yet I digress

Today, we celebrate

The times of old

Days of yonder

Shakespeare-type stuff

Remember that

Literature and stuff

You know

The days before bills

Ahhh…the good old days

And this one

Aaliyah, 4 page letter

The definition of love meets rebellion

The Romeo and Juliet of hip hop

I don’t know

These songs just take me back

And still make so much sense

More sense

I used to sing the words

Now I sing the feelings


“Momma always told me to be careful who I love,

And Daddy told me to be wise”

I’m sending him a 4 page letter

And I enclosed it with a kiss

*music fades*


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  1. I heard Peaches N Cream yesterday and totally thought of you. Perfect timing with this post!

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