Too Good For Ramen?

Absolutely not. Today – well let’s add yesterday to the list – I just haven’t been in the mood for “good for you”, skinny food. I wanted some fried chicken from Great White Fish and Chicken and I. So I had some. And today, of all things, I wanted some Ramen.

I’ll admit, adding the packet of chicken flavoring didn’t sound pleasant, so I opted to add soy sauce and kale. It’s only okay. I’m really craving some junk food, and the chicken, shrimp, kale, veggies, carrots, thing is a bit overrated and boring. Okay…it’s not overrated, but it does get boring. Sometimes I just want something fried. I sigh.

Ahh well…I guess I’ll suck it up, sip on my green juice and hope I find some new dishes…or maybe someone who can cook for me. Who am I kidding, I’ll be the one slaving over the stove…or maybe, just maybe, I can find a joint that cooks healthy food. @MySelfishExistence, know of any places?

Well, anyhoo, until next time. Bon a petit.

Me and Ramen

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