Losing the one you love hurts like heck

I’ve been plagued with loss almost my entire life. When I was in elementary school, my Girls Scouts leaders and family members were killed in a car accident. And it seems that loss hasn’t stopped since then.540535_572906280538_1980147504_n

Between 7th and 8th grade, I lost an aunt…an aunt I was extremely close to…to lupus.

In 12th grade, I lost her sister to lupus. Another aunt, I was extremely close to.

Directly following my freshman year of college, I lost my grandfather to cancer.

The next summer, I lost my cousin (the son of my aunt I lost in the 12th grade) to a drive-by shooting.

The next summer, I lost my  uncle to lupus.

Eventually, I lost my grandmother. Then I lost my 16-year old cousin to a car accident. A few years later, last year, his father unexpected passed away.

Mind you…every person listed above were on the same side of my family.

I’ve also lost a very close great-aunt on my mother’s side and my godmother during this timeframe.

Yes. Loss is inevitable; a part of growing up. A part of growing up that sucks might I add.

This year, I had a loss that rocked my world and my faith. The loss of a 13-year old student at my church. And if you know anything about me, I love my students…and I had no idea how God could allow her to pass away…unexpected…and at such a young age.

And that’s when I learned, there’s a lot to learn in loss. Key lessons:

God is sovereign

God comforts

God listens

God forgives

God cares

God teaches through loss

Your faith is strengthened through loss

And even though all of the above is true, it’s still a process and hurts like heck.

Why am I writing this today…and right now.

I know people who have personally been impacted by a major loss…as of yesterday.

#1…Know that I love you and always love you.

#2…Know that your feelings are valid. That you can be absolutely made at God right now and that no one can tell you how you should feel.

#3…Allow yourself time to process and heal. It’s a process and it may get better before it gets worse. Tell God how you feel. Be mad but never turn away. Know we’re praying for you and it will all work out. When you can’t pray. We have your back.

#4…I repeat. I love you.

No go on. Grieve. Take your time to heal and go through the process…and know that the family is here for you.

Love you infinitely.


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