Looking Good is Nice…but then what?

Over like the last two years, I’ve been obsessed with YouTube beauty gurus. Hauls, hair and make up tutorials IMG_2472have been my thing. But now, I’m getting to this point where I feel like…okay, I like myself. I’m feeling pretty good about myself. Now what?

The statement that beauty is only skin deep is only partially true in my opinion. Why? Because I believe in inner and outer beauty. I believe that everyone deserves and should feel good about themselves…and I believe a lot of that has to do with how they look…how pretty or handsome they feel. But I don’t believe that’s the end all, be all. Instead, I believe that’s only part of the story. There has to be so much more to life than outer beauty.

The Bible states that “beauty is fleeting.” For a person who doesn’t feel attractive, this could be empowering…or it may not hold very much weight in making them feel better about themselves. Whatever the case, the statement is true. Beauty is ,indeed, fleeting. It will fade and a lot of the beauty we see today is false…or, indeed, in the eye of the beholder. (see video at end that looks at what different cultures perceive as beautiful).

Since beauty is fleeting, we have to dig deeper. We have to go farther than only wanting to look good. In fact, I’m finding this shallow view of myself very unfulfilling. While I did need to work on my self-esteem in terms of how I looked, I’m finding that this hyper-focus on beauty is beginning to get a bit boring. I want to explore other things, do other things and go deeper, per se. I want to go deeper within my intellect, get smarter and make a difference, even if that difference is only within myself.

I don’t want to be here for a mere, shallow existence. Instead, I should be helping others uncover their beauty and increase their self-esteem. I want to live up to my potential, and honestly, while many things may seem like work, I find joy in “doing”. (I also find joy in playing.)

Frankly, I feel my life lacks meaning if I live a one-dimensional existence. It can’t be all work. It can’t be all play.  And it can’t be all beauty and fashion. And, frankly, it can’t be all rest.

The Bible talks about there being “a time for everything” and “a season for everything under the sun.” I’m learning the truth of this more than one could ever know. One day I can love something and the next day it doesn’t mean that much to me. And one day I may want to run away from something and the next day I’m all in. It’s the circle of life. It just is what it is. I guess that’s why we’ll never have it all figured out. We don’t have the eyes of God and are generally clueless about what’s coming less. That’s why we have to totally depend on Him and not simply our own wisdom. I’m sure I’d go 100% crazy if I had to figure it all out. And you know the irony of the journey, it’s not the destinations that always get to you…sometimes it’s when you’re in-between stops that have you constantly asking, “where are we going” and “are we there yet,” but that’s the beauty of the journey; just when you think you’re getting comfortable and bored is when it’s time to pack up your stuff and get on the road again…to your next stop along the journey. Dang. It’s annoyingly exciting because you know something good is coming, but you just can’t see it yet. Kinda like a child waiting for Christmas day.

Are we there yet?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JEaJ94pH9s?rel=0]


  1. Great post! We feel like when we over-indulge in buying new clothes or makeup, and take pride in it it feels like we’ve become shallow and materialistic. Reading the bible and praying and refocusing on God helps though.

    – RSH Xx

    1. For sure. We have to stay grounded. There’s nothing wrong with makeup and fashion, but we have to dig deeper into what’s fulfilling to us. I really appreciate the beauty gurus on YouTube who go deeper into things beyond just beauty specific items, but more into goals and life and who they are beyond the powder brush.

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