One Word Challenge

This may or may not be a challenge on YouTube, but it just kinda…came to me. So here’s how it goes. 1422615_42356885

  • Below, you’ll find a list of “questions” that I challenge you to answer with one word…and one word only.
  • Post your answers in the comments. (My answers are in purple.)
  • Optional: Reblog or copy and paste into your blog…and “tag” others to answer. (You can easily tag another blogger by just adding a link to their blog into your post. See the bottom of this post for details. – Or just tag someone using Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.)


Here we go…

  1. Quirky habit? Ice
  2. One thing you really like about your personality? Witty
  3. Physical feature you really like? Eyes
  4. Last or current book? Play
  5. Spare time? YouTube
  6. Opposite sex goodness? Arms
  7. Where are you right now? Bed
  8. Hate to leave home without? Phone
  9. Hate to work without? Mouse
  10. Friend or foe? Friend
  11. Good or E-V-I-L? Good
  12. Pet? Piston
  13. Other language? Spanish
  14. Favorite thing about summer? Beach
  15. Favorite thing about fall/autumn? Bonfire


I tag My Selfish Existence, JCCEE, Katie Leigh, and She Has a Storyy.


  1. Reblogged this on My selfish existence and commented:
    One Word Challenge…
    Quirky habit? Twirling
    One thing you really like about your personality? sarcasm
    Physical feature you really like? Legs
    Last or current book? Bad
    Spare time? Kids
    Opposite sex goodness? Eyes
    Where are you right now? Ground
    Hate to leave home without? Phone
    Hate to work without? Music
    Friend or foe? Friend
    Good or E-V-I-L? Good
    Pet? None
    Other language? None
    Favorite thing about summer? Sun
    Favorite thing about fall/autumn? Pumpkin

    1. So twirling is a bit close to twerking. Please do explain. Otherwise, I’m putting you on Vine.

  2. Quirky habit? expressions
    One thing you really like about your personality? sassy
    Physical feature you really like? eyes
    Last or current book? cuckoo
    Spare time? cards
    Opposite sex goodness? shoulders
    Where are you right now? [m]
    Hate to leave home without? phone
    Hate to work without? sweatpants
    Friend or foe? friend
    Good or E-V-I-L? good
    Pet? nibbles
    Other language? pirate
    Favorite thing about summer? breezes
    Favorite thing about fall/autumn? smells

    1. That was awesome. You had me at pirate.

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