The problem with being a blogger…

…like me.

1) You constantly have epiphanies about posts. Ahhhh…life hacks… Or the woes of life….Or what my hair is doing today….Or whatever other random nugget that my over-exposed social media, overworked attention span comes across. But…

2) You hardly ever write it down. Not only did you have a good idea; you had content. Blimy. Now what am I supposed to write about? So…

3) You end up writing self-cleansing rants and confessions that lure the world into thinking that you’re some irrational bi-polar freak of nature who should always be monitored. Well, because letting it out is how you find the means to carry on.

But that’s not all of who I am. It’s not all I have interest in writing about.

Anyhoo…Help me…what would you like to hear about next? What shall I write? I’m all ears (or eyes…since I’ll be reading the comments).

Thanks for your input.

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  1. I have the same issues! I wish there was a way for my brain to record the thoughts that pop into my mind right before I fall asleep – because that is where all my best blog ideas come from! As for stuff I want you to write about…well, I like almost everything you post about!

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