Between 9 and 6: The truth behind my profession

I’m a digital marketer and a communications freak. There I said it.

Some people run from their jobs when the leave work? Me on the other hand, I leave my work Mac, come to my personal Mac and do the same stuff. Well, kinda.

During the day, I tell someone else’s story. I market products. Discover the inner desires and habits of people – leaders, shoppers, etc. – and then I create stories that’ll have them oohing and ahhing over what we have to offer. I work on websites, debate over pictures, develop processes, edit material, and more., Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and blogging is my life.

In a nutshell, I make my company look smart and impressive and all that good stuff, and I love it. I can honestly say, I love being a marketing communications professional. (Though I’m thinking about switching to corporate communications, but hey, I’m having a mid-career crisis, and I think that would be good for my personal and professional growth.)

So why do I leave my job and eagerly come to my computer to write even more?

1) I don’t eagerly come to my computer. There are days I don’t feel like writing. So I don’t. I just want to veg out on Food Network and YouTube. Though exhilarating, digital marketing is draining like many other jobs. Not only do you need to know how to be a marketer and communicator, you have to be a bit of a tech geek. Lots of hats to wear for one chick.

2) When I do write, it’s exciting because I get to tell my own story. I spend the entire day thinking about how to impress others and how to tell my company’s story. But telling their story isn’t my passion. My passion is creativity and writing. I’m the boss on my blog. I can write about anything I desire. And that’s liberating. I’m not dictated by the tone of my brand. I don’t have graphic designers breathing over the images I chose. And if I don’t feel like doing it one day, fine.

3) It’s a way I get to let my friends into my inner world. We don’t talk as often as we used to considering the fact that we no longer sit cubicles away from one another. So blogging helps me share my stories (including the ones I may have never told them in person). Yep…I get computer confidence too.

4) Writing has always been a passion. It relaxes me. It helps me process what’s going on in my world. Whether it’s poetry, blogging or a short story, I get a kick out of writing. At times, the nature of pen to paper (or letter to screen) is cathartic in and of itself. Sometimes, it’s the creative process and looking back at a narrative that was developed from a mere idea that makes me feel good. Regardless, writing is the way to go for me.

5) I’m a creative person. I dance. I play instruments. I sing. I crochet for heaven’s sake. I’m just a ball of creativity from one end to the other. So writing is just a natural extension of my being. (Now if you can make sense of how I can be such a traditional brain at the same time, maybe we could be on to something. I’m even very good at math, which many creatives loathe.)

6) I was just blessed enough to have a career doing something I’m passionate about. And as my passions grow, I plan to follow my heart; not only the dollar. I believe the dollar will always be there, but I can’t do something I don’t enjoy. That may be the hardest thing for me in life.

So I leave you with this: Does your day job fulfill you? If not, why are you there? Maybe it supports something else that brings you job (cough, your family, cough). Don’t just live life for the money. Do something more important. Money is so temporal.

Now, don’t just quit, but be intentional with your life. You’re worth it, and I’m sure this world has something super to gain from you. What other reason would you be here? It’s not just for you, dude.

Stay true,

Bringing hope to the hopeless.
Eliminating “I can’t.”

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