New Things in My Life

Last year I was going through a personal crisis. I was pulling away from people. There weren’t lots of things that excited me. My life had gotten to a state of pretty ho-hum. The once overachiever had taken a back seat on life and was simply existing. Sure, there were times that were more interesting than others, but overall, it was kinda sucky.

After realizing how sucky my life had really become and the state of my demeanor, I made a proclamation. The old Gina would be coming back. And boy did she…but not without improvements.

I’ve learned a lot. I’m still learning a lot.

I’m understanding what I desire and deserve in relationships. I’m getting a better understanding of what brings me joy and adds purpose to my life. And I’m understanding how to invest in me without skimping on the investment in others.

I’m understanding old frustrations come back. And I’m understanding new opportunities can bring new joy.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned and am continuing to learn is to be open.

Be open to the possibility of love in the least expected places. Be open to self assessments that drive toward the future. Heck. Be open to an unexpected future. Be open to accepting you wholeheartedly. And be open to the potential that even you, yes, little you, can change the world.

Life is full of amazing surprises. It’s just about making the most of it, keeping your eyes and your palms open, ready to receive the gifts that God will bestow upon you. The gifts, the lessons, and all that comes along.

So go. Be free. And live an amazing life.

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