20 Things That Get Under My Skin

So there are a lot of things that get under my skin, so I’m not going to belabor this intro.

  1. People who’re eager to be the expert, yet they clearly aren’t.
  2. Unnecessary details. Keep it short and simple, please.
  3. People who lie. Big lies. Small lies. It doesn’t matter. I have liar intuition…so don’t lie to me.
  4. People who lie to themselves. No, you’re really not that good at Mortal Kombat.
  5. People who are eager to judge others, but don’t see their own flaws. (BIG ONE HERE)
  6. Sneakiness. But I guess this is just another form of lying…by not lying.
  7. Racist people. I need not say more.
  8. And Americans who think Donald Trump would make a good president.
  9. Thirsty chicks. And thirsty is not equivalent with slutty. You could be the prettiest thing out there, but your actions show me the thirst is real.
  10. People who don’t pay me attention. I’m just being honest.
  11. People who don’t consider what I say. My voice and opinion are super important. So it’s important that people at least acknowledge and potentially engage. Show me the same consideration and empathy I show you. FYI…You don’t have to agree.
  12. People who aren’t empathetic.
  13. People who are politically correct. If you have to be politically correct, then you haven’t taken the time to truly understand the culture/area that you’re worrying about. I’m clearly black, and my friends don’t have to determine whether they should call me black or African American…because they know me…not just my racial identify.
  14. Winter…all of it…except Christmas
  15. Rain
  16. Humidity
  17. Inconsiderate people
  18. Horrible eye brow application. Let’s go with the less is more approach.
  19. And effin [fill in the blank] Nazis
  20. And all of you who corrected my grammar while reading this. I know fill in the blank should be hyphenated. I’m lazy.

Now that was fun. #insider

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