Why Are People So Horrible?

People are intrinsically horrible; some more than others. There are those who are clique-y. Those who’s tongue’s main purpose is to gossip. And those who for the life of them can’t see past their own dilated pupils (i.e. they’re selfish as heck).

These are people who hurt people. They’re motive is not to help. It’s about me, me, me. How I look. What me and my boo did. And so on.

But you know what else, these are the people who don’t stick around…at least when the drama is low. They are drawn to drama. They create it. They partake in it. The love it.

This is why people are so horrible. A life without some type of drama that they can run and tell Shirley wouldn’t be a life worth living right. It would be dull and boring. As if that’s the only thing we can talk about.

Reality shows are the epitome of the drama-filled life. That’s why it’s so fitting for TV…and the reality of it is that many of our lives reflect reality shows. Maybe not the glitz and glam, but the underlying notions of needing attention and pretty much doing anything for it.

We get played by guys we like to brag about.

We talk about our friends behind our backs.

We’re anxious to “put our hands on someone” even though we’re well past high school age.

And yes, we like our dranks. But I digress.

In reality, Reality Shows are the most fake, yet most realistic interpretations of reality. Maybe not at first glance, but I’m sure we all have a little Kardashian, Love & Hip Hop and Real Housewives of where ever in us.

And if we can be that selfish, that petty, that gives me ample reason to keep my guards up until otherwise noted.

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