The Perils of Fake Nice

My goodness. The Holy Spirit is working with me so please bear with me as I write this post.

I’ve struggled with the concept of fake nice until right now…this very moment.

First let me explain what fake nice is. It’s the concept that we have to deliver the truth or more broadly where everyone puts a smile on their face while rubbing each other on the back to make them feel good about themselves. It’s a mask; a facade to be accepted, politically correct or to not hurt anyone feelings. Or that we have to say things certain ways for them to be accepted. At the nitty-gritty of what it is, it’s a lie.

A bold-faced lie.

It’s covering up how you really feel. Just because someone doesn’t say racist statements doesn’t make them less racist. It just makes them more politically correct.

Just because someone knows good bible verses doesn’t make them a Christian. It just means they know scripture.


And jus because someone doesn’t package a message exactly the way you want them to say it – or the way society has trained them to say it – doesn’t make them rude. It makes them human.

We live in a society full of lies.

We talk about muslims and cover it up with the fear of terrorism.

We talk about Mexicans and we cover it up with fear of economic stability and safety.

We talk about African-Americans and we cover it up with false truths.

And we talk about whites, but cover it up with the notion of equality. Yep. I said it.

But we never talk about the real problem. The fact that all of this – racism, political structure, the things that keep us up at night – is a measure of the heart. The fact that as long as we can  point our fingers at others, we will NEVER need to point our fingers at ourselves is the biggest problem of all.

Accountability is our real issue. As soon as someone holds us accountable, we become offended. As soon as someone stands up for themselves or projects their voice, that’s when we suddenly have a problem with people.

Don’t believe me. Prime example: Jesus.

People loved the “loving”, miracle-working Jesus. But when Jesus laid down the law – confronted the proud – that’s when problems arose. He shook things up. It was no longer the status quo. There was a new leader in town, and people weren’t ready for it…so they tried to play with his mind.

The pharisees tried to trip him up. (Help me Holy Ghost. yep I went COGIC on y’all right there (smile)) They tried to make him lose at his own game, but they missed one key factor; Jesus wasn’t just another guy on the street. Jesus was called for one reason and one reason only. To save the world from their sins. And that’s what he did.

Jesus never strayed from his purpose. No matter how much people spit on him. No matter how much they beat him. No matter how they pierced Him in His side.

He asked God to take him off the project. Then He humbled himself and said, “not my will but Your will.”

In this season of transition, I will prayerfully say, “not my will, but your will.” I will be spat on. I will be teased. I will be ridiculed. (There’s no question to it.) And in the end, God will get the glory.

He chose me because He knew I could take it. He also knew that I’d point it all back to Him.

Lord, while I don’t like it, I still say thank you for trusting me with such a responsibility.

Now I ask, what has God chosen you for?


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