A period in time
Second. Minute. Decade.
The propensity to get “caught up”

Emotions on sleeve



The capacity to look beyond

Rash decisions
Explicit comments
Frolic and folly

Outcomes meet consequences

All in
the moment


This is a response to the Fifty.

Once upon a time

Is filled with fairy tales and princesses

Where someone sweeps you off your feet

And makes all the bad things go away


Once upon a time

Ends with everyone living happily ever after

But doesn’t tell the trials that happened

After ever after


It doesn’t tell

the ups and downs of relationships

Nor the pain of discouragement


Once upon a time

Doesn’t include the tears and anxiety

That comes with everyday life


Once upon a time

Is just what it is

A made up fragment of imagination

That only a story can embody

With made up characters

Bright illustrations

And cruel villains

that are always slain


Today, once upon a time

Feels like a lie


But joy in the midst of pain

Strength in the time of weakness

And even a smile in the time of sorrow

Will be my reality


And my happily ever after

Will reside in faith


The faith that

Regardless of what happens

Life still goes on


Happily ever after means

That in the meantime

You’ll have some bumps and bruises

But if you stick with it

You’ll come out a victor


I may not be perfect

But a blip in my once upon a time

Will not prevent

My happily ever after


I will live in joy

I will receive peace

I will survive

I will be revived


I will be revived

Because while I don’t believe

In just any happily ever after

I do believe in the one

Who’s promised me

MY happily ever after

Even when I’m here
I sometimes have to get away
Escape into emotional release
Where stress, pain, on feelings of overwhelmedness
Don’t consume me

Sometimes I have to say
Not my problem
Not because I don’t want to care
But I can’t care

One person taking
One day to achieve
One moment of bliss
Must take priority

I must exhale
I must release
I must let go

To only achieve
the utlimate embrae
Me in love with me

It started out standing for Sure

Ambition was my middle name
I didn’t understand my limits
Perceived abilities were limiteless
It later turned into Super
Because Superwoman
Was who I became
Spread thin
was the latter reality
Overworked and overwhelmed
While still trying to wear
the S upon my chest
With growth, The S can stand for Success
but it will envelope Silence
to allow for reflection
Slumber –  synonymous with rest
And Stand Still to Simply Stop and Smell the Roses